Belated Happy New Year!

26 Jan 09

Belated Happy new year! Hope you had a good one. I spent Christmas and New Year in Dubai which is a first for me as I'm usually home, but couldn't resist taking my three week holiday off in the sun with Ava and Gray. Ava had a ball eating lemon ice pops on the beach, while Gray kept every kid in the vicinity more than occupied by digging holes and building sandcastles till the sun went down! My favourite moment of the entire trip was dancing the night away with Gray and Ava on the dance floor of a private beach party we 'gatecrashed' as we saw in 2009. We kept Ava on 'English time' (four hours behind) so she stayed up for the festivities and she danced with her mama and about twenty other children to ABBA's 'Dancing Queen'! She's just like her dad, when it was time to leave, I couldn't get her off the dance floor! It's good to be back and I'm so excited (if not a tad nervous) as my new programme, ten years younger is soon to air. I hope you enjoy it. I've loved every minute of getting to know the women (and man!) taking part in the show. They all look so good and I know how much the show has changed their lives already! One women is finally going for the job she's trained years for but never had the confidence to make the interview, and another is starting her dance classes in the hope of finding a man as well as fulfilling a life time ambition to learn to salsa! They might seem like small changes, but from small acorns...... I wish them all luck and thank them for letting me be a part of their very personal journeys as well as for introducing me to their lovely families. Oh, BTW, if you're squeamish, you're going to need a cushion! There are some scenes where you might as well be handing the scalpel to the surgeon; you get that close to the action. Hope you've enjoyed the new Pantene ad I filmed. I've never had to sit so still in my life in order to film the close up shots, and for a natural born fidget; this was quite a feat for me. Absolutely loved the track we used too. It's called Aerodynamic by Daft Punk and I had to replicate the sound, in a classical way, whilst swishing my hair at the right moments! All good fun and we got there in the end...It was such an amazing ad to film and I'm over the moon with the results....and for the record, my hair has never felt or looked better...I'm a true Pantene convert!! Just shot the next print campaign for Marks and Spencers. Don't want to give the game away, but I know that my manager will be pleased as he's always saying his life would be much easier if he had 'two of me'....I'm guessing that's the polar opposite of how Gray feels!!!! I'm also getting ready for the spring/summer 09 collection of Babyk at Mothercare to hit the shops! Only a few weeks to go. It's looking really good and after all the hard work that's gone into it, I'm feeling very proud. Let's hope the mummies (and babies) love it as much as the first range, if not more. I'm off to the Oscars in the next few weeks as well, so will hopefully have lots of news and backstage gossip for you. In the mean time, it's clearly the year for change and realizing dreams, well done President Obama. May 2009 bring you everything you wish for and here's to the inspiration and change that's ahead for us all. Love always and big kisses, Myleene Klass Signature Leenie x