Birthday, travels and baby Ava.

28 Apr 08

Well, its finally happened! I am now officially 30 years old.....and proud! You might have caught a glimpse of some of the photos taken outside my party and hopefully they made you laugh as much as I did. I chose the theme 'What I want to be when I grow up' and without a doubt everyone that came rose to the challenge of fancy dress. I came as Liz Taylor, circa Cleopatra days and in addition there were Pilots, Priests, three Zoros, Jedis (of course), fairies, mermaids, an astronaut and Ronald Macdonald to name but a few! I was so touched that so many of my friends made such an effort to dress up and even travel from abroad to be there. It was a night I will never forget.... if not one that I learnt a lot about my mates! I am sitting writing this in Portugal at the minute having just filmed the new summer M&S advert. It really was great fun to film as the cast and crew are all like a little family and Ava had the best time (she took her first dip in the pool and made a sand castle with her Dada!). She really is becoming a seasoned traveller as I also had the chance to take her to LA this month and interview Jackie Chan for the Screening room. I went to the Dodgers game and walked out onto the pitch to do my links and cheer him on as he bowled the first pitch. I did have an embarrassing chain of events with him that I'm still cringing over even now. When he asked me if I'd like a “cup of tea?” in a funny voice half way through my interview with him. I replied I was fine for the moment but maybe later, only to realise that he was practicing the English phrases Steve Coogan had taught him! After that I'm positive he thought I was stalking him as we walked into the stadium together (pure coincidence), took the same lift (not once but four times!) and then bumped into each other once again on the way out. Cringe! As some of you know, I'm not the biggest sports fan in the world, but even I couldn't help being overawed at the size of the Dodger's stadium and how incredible the atmosphere was. In true American style, I sat and watched the game with a hot dog in one hand a bucket sized measure of diet coke in the other! After that Ava and I went to New York (special thank you to terminal five for losing my pram!) to finish my interviews and links for CNN and then to work with Mothercare on my Baby K range. It launches soon and to say I am excited is an understatement. I have been grabbing fabric swatches in every country I visit as well as checking out what they have to offer and what new ideas are around to help make mums lives easier! I also had a rather cultured day last week as I am hosting the Classical Brits and had to announce the nominees. I've heard who some of the guest presenters and performers are already and I think its a fantastic line up. It really is a career highlight for me to be hosting this show, as at school I was always considered a bit of a geek for loving classical music and now I can see it becoming more and more accessible. I'm glad it doesn't have such a stigma attached to it now. Must give a shout out to everyone who sent me cards, poems, presents and flowers for my birthday. You are all extremely kind. Thank you. Special thank you to Leila for organising my party! And finally - watch this space as I have big news to announce next dying to tell you now but Jonathan, my manager, would tell me off!!! Big kiss and catch up with you next month! Myleene Klass Signature Leenie xxx