Myleene's Music for Romance

20 Jun 07

Myleene's Music for Romance Album Cover Myleene's new album, titled 'Myleene's Music for Romance', will be released on Monday 2nd July, and features two tracks performed by Myleene called 'Cinema Paradiso' and 'Gnossienne No.1' along side a collection of beautiful romantic pieces from EMI's catalogue of great classical music selected by Myleene. Talking about the album, Myleene said "Classical music is tranquil, expressive, passionate and emotive. I don't want people to feel intimidated by it. There's nothing to fear, only lots to discover." Myleene has selected many of her favorite pieces for the album many of which mean something to Myleene. Such pieces include Nyman's The Heart Asks for Pleasure First " love playing this at concerts as people recognise it instantly from the movie 'the piano' and also because having literally bumped into Michael Nyman's daughter a few months ago, she told me her dad really liked my version of playing it.........BRILLIANT!". Also Smetana: The Moldau which Myleene states as "One of the very first pieces let alone classical compositions I was introduced to and its still one of my favourites." The album takes you on a romantic music adventure, through hills and forests, over rivers and streams into your heart. Its a perfect compilation album for those new to classical music, and for those who aren't. Find out more at the Music for Romance website The album is also avaliable for pre-order at, HMV and