Oz, Daredevils, Summer Concerts & More..

06 Jul 10

I know! I've been naughty. I should have written something, anything ages ago! I have been away with Ava in Australia for a couple of months filming a new programme called Scorpion Island. Its like a kid's version of 'I'm a Celeb' but you wouldn't know it from watching the tasks that they faced! The children were so brave jumping out of planes, eating scorpions (with very little encouragement) and generally enjoying the jungle bugs and heat! It was really nice to be back in the out back, as this time I actually knew what to bring with me (more Deet, less hairspray!). Ava is brilliant now when it comes to naming the bugs as most of them ended up in our room each night! Considering how petrified I used to be of anything with more than two legs, I can't believe how my own jungle experiences have now left me feeling completely nonplussed by creepy crawlies! Ava's swimming is unreal now. She is better than me at diving, backstroke and crawling! She's completely obsessed with Mermaids and Ariel, handy, as I've just decorated her entire room like the bottom of the ocean! She is so funny now, a real character and amazing little girl. I took her to see the Lion King last week and she danced through it all. After Oz, I went on to Mexico to interview a child matador (whatever your beliefs when it comes to bull fighting, this boy in his own right was just adorable) followed by a trip to Tennessee to meet a group of child cage fighters (yes seriously!) succeeded by Spain and a chat literally in the lions den with a child lion tamer. I can't say much more than this, it is all for a new programme set to come out soon. I am sure it will make amazing viewing. I learnt so much about the different cultures out there as well as challenged my own beliefs and attitudes to things (oh, and I cried a lot!!)...I defy you not to do the same when you see it! So now I'm back home which is so lovely (have been busy wallpapering the house and playing in the garden with Ava) and have had the chance to catch up with friends and family as well as complete the finishing touches on the next Baby K collection. The leopard print buggies have been such a massive success (thank you if bought one!) as has the whole clothes collection and now, the Baby K orchestra (toys that have been influenced by my training in the classical world) are set to hit the shelves soon so there is plenty to be getting on with. On a more social note, I got the chance to go to Elton John's 'White Tie and Tiara Ball'. It was absolutely spectacular if not a tad 'insane'! The theme was 'lunatics taking over the asylum' (in my dress/nighty I fitted in perfectly!) with people suspended, hanging from trees, broken crockery strewn across the lawn and my old school mates from the Royal Academy of Music sitting in steel beds in Elton's garden playing the metal frames with spoons!!! Bonkers! Lady Gaga performed and showed just how brilliant she is. She deserves every ounce of the success she is receiving. This weekend was brilliant fun. I hosted and played the piano for a concert at Mercedes Benz World. Escala (collectively the best legs in the business!), Darius and Russell Watson amongst others performed and it really was an amazing night. Thank you to everyone that took a chance on the weather (it paid off!) as well as all the friendly people they came for autographs and pictures and were just generally lovely to chat to! My mum's picnic was a success and Ava spent the entire night dancing around to all the melodies and chatting to 'Uncle Darius' so everyone went home very happy! I have just received my new glasses (had my eyes lazered ten years ago but they've totally regressed again...you have been warned!) and accompanied with my 'secret' brace, all I need is for Matthew Wing to dump me and I'll be back to my teenage years again! Shout you next week....I PROMISE!! Love always, Leenie xx