Baby Ava

01 Oct 07

Myleene & AvaWhat on earth did I do with myself before August 16th 2007??!!! I had my baby daughter, Ava Bailey Quinn at 1.43 on that Thursday and from the instant I held her, my life has completely changed. The mad thing is I didn't realise I was in labour at the time (as it is most definitely nothing like the movies, plus she wasn't due for another three weeks), so it was all a genuine but amazing surprise. Since Graham and I brought her home, things for us have been a mix of complete happiness, extreme tiredness and a revolving door of visitors. I am so insanely in love with her that Gray calls me 'stalker mama'...I spend all my time just staring at her!! I want to thank every single person that sent messages, presents, flowers and congratulations to us. You have all been amazingly kind. I was so touched when I got the chance to sit down and read them all. I got every message and I can't thank you enough for welcoming Ava and joining in all the excitement. Infact, I was kindly given all the messages in a folder so I will proudly give them to her one day. I have just been taking it easy and am enjoying every moment of being a mummy...but I will be back out there soon....the only difference is I will now have my little one with me. Thank you again to all of you for being so kind and generous... Myleene Klass Signature Love and kisses...Mummy Myleene x