My Bump & Me

28 Jan 08

‘If you are a woman who has become someone she can hardly recognise, who has cried over the nursery curtains being the wrong colour, or because your partner forgot to put a kiss at the end of his text message, this book is for you.' - Myleene Klass

My Bump & Me CoverReleased on 21st February, My Bump & Me is an honest account of Myleene's pregnancy. From conception to birth – via jungle showers, morning sickness, raging hormones, cravings, baby names, scans, illness, sex, sleepless nights, opinionated in-laws, ‘bump envy', and the labour itself – Myleene's personal, week-by-week account of her pregnancy offers practical advice, essential medical information, and an honest account of what's in store for anyone expecting a baby. Myleene Klass 'My Bump & Me' - 21st February | Pre-order now!