My Bump & Me: Out Now!

21 Feb 08

My Bump & Me CoverThe wait is over - Myleene's diary documenting the journey through her pregnancy with daughter Ava, is out now! Titled 'My Bump & Me' the book is about everything Myleene did ‘wrong' during her pregnancy, how her hormones turned her into a woman she hardly recognised, and how incredible it feels to be expecting a baby. Its a refreshingly honest look at pregnancy, revealing Myleene's practical advice and other essential medical information. Accompanied by photos documenting what Myleene got up to during the pregnancy, Myleene & her finance Graham reveal how they molded their lives around the baby and the emotions and stages they went through together. Myleene and her daughter Ava Bailey QuinnSumming up the book Myleene says - "If you are a woman who has become someone she can hardly recognise, who has cried over the nursery curtains being the wrong colour, or because your partner forgot to put a kiss at the end of his text message, this book is for you." Available now in Hardback | Buy online or visit your local retailer.