Thailand, Australia and Ireland

29 Jun 08

Hello there! Well what a travel month June has turned out to be! I finally got the chance to sneak off for a mini break to Thailand with the family which was lovely. We rented a villa which meant we got the chance to just hide away from the world for a week and I basically spent my days making tuna and pineapple omelettes for the gang (sadly my culinary skills aren't up to that of Gordan Ramseys) and walking around the Island looking for toys in the form of Cats and Elephants (Avas obsessed with them!). After that we had a quick stop off in Singapore before heading on to Australia for the Sydney film festival to work for The Screening Room. It was amazing to get the chance to go out there as I haven't been back since 'I'm a celebrity'. I was asked to climb Sydney harbour bridge and deliver my opening link to the camera (which incidentally happened to be placed in a helicopter!). I imagined the whole thing looking like a scene from a bond movie. The reality was slightly less glamorous as we had to race to the top to greet the heli on time or he would miss his flying slot, whilst wearing giant, grey overalls and a beanie hat with everything, hanky (presumably to mop the sweat from my brow?), script, rain jacket, fleece and microphone tied to me like a pack horse! Still the shot, the experience, the view (you can see Russell Crows house from up there!) and the fact it all actually came together without the aid of walkie talkies coupled with me not falling over was just incredible and an experience I will never forget. After Sydney, (luckily for me, we managed to film at every top tourist spot from the opera house to bondi beach even in the middle of their winter and the torrential rain), we then went to Ireland where I was asked to host the Miss Ireland pageant with my friend Brian Dowling. I finally managed to dress Ava in her first 'BabyK' outfit for her visit to her Nan's. Gray and I couldn't stop taking photos of her as she looked adorable and he was so proud of what I had designed, he kept calling her Miss Ireland!! Bless him. Despite the jet lag (Ava and Gray went straight to his mums for a sleep), I had a ball as everyone was just brilliant. The judges had their work cut out as all the girls were absolutely stunning ( I looked like a smurf standing next to them on the stage as they all seemed 3 foot taller than me!). Brian and I kept imagining we were in 'Miss Congeniality', and I had to do my very best to persuade him to hand the crown directly to the winner without trying it on first! I've also been busy filming with the BBC for their new show, 'Last choir standing'. Its been so much fun as all the choir members are really lovely, dedicated and talented people. I love the fact that they dispel the myth that choirs can be dull and boring. On the contrary, the choirs are always full of surprises. Some sing Mark Ronson or Girls Aloud tracks while others decorate handbags and bring them on stage with them or even beat box and rap which just goes to show how talented and varied the whole shows going to be. I'm hooked already and cant decide which choir should win as they're all good in different ways. That's about it for now other than I've tried on the new collection for M&S and have seen the plans for the next advert. I can barely sleep with the excitement of how amazing it all looks....cant wait for you to see it. Thanks to everyone that sent lovely messages about the bureau de change advert I filmed. I was so nervous and excited to see what people would think so all the messages meant a great deal. As always, thank you for your continued support in everything I do. I would never be able to achieve any of this without you and I'm eternally grateful we can enjoy it all together. Big kisses and see you next month! Myleene Klass Signature Leenie xx