Miss Naked Beauty

14 Oct 08

Myleene is set to hit our screens again laters this month co-presenting Channel 4's 'Miss Naked Beauty' with Gok Wan. Miss Naked Beauty is the definitive hunt for a woman who embodies the confidence, sex appeal, spirit, brains and true natural beauty of a modern-day Eve. The show sets out to challenge conventional notions of what is "beautiful" by turning the traditional beauty contest on its head. Forget the fakes and size zeros, the winner of this beauty contest will not only have to possess natural beauty, but also have the brains and balls to tackle some of the uglier sides of the industry. The series winner not only clinches a coveted title: she has a job to do. She'll write a regular magazine column to expose the sinister side of beauty and promote the natural beauty message. She'll also become the face of a revolutionary new model agency with a fresh twist on the typical, stick-thin catwalk clothes horse. Plus, she'll report back to Gok Wan in the next series of How to Look Good Naked with her discoveries during her year on the job. First Episode airs: Tuesday 21st October, 8pm on Channel 4 For more information on the show, visit the Channel 4 website