Baby K, Divas II, M&S Xmas & Award

10 Nov 08

Firstly, huge, huge apologies for not having written up my blog for a while...things have been a tad hectic but at least I have plenty of material! As some of you may know, I've been all over the country promoting my new Baby K range in Mothercare stores. It's been such a lovely way to go to work as Ava got to play with tons of new toys as well as make new friends while I got to chat to lots of mums and cuddle babies! Thankfully, the hard work has paid off as its selling out and has now been bought up in ten countries after only a few weeks...Hurrah! I now spend a lot of my time scouring the streets for women carrying Baby K bags or babies in my designs. I'm sure people think I'm totally nuts when I run up to them asking to look in their shopping bags to see what they've bought, but it's with the best of intentions....honest! The programme I've been working on with uber stylist Gok Wan, Miss Naked Beauty, is also finally finished and out. We really did have a laugh filming it as Gok constantly pulled faces every time I was trying to deliver my lines to the point that we both fell to the floor crying with laughter. Unfortunately for us, we were the only two people on set who found it even remotely funny and at one desperate moment, the exasperated producer and director actually packed up the equipment and left us on the street cackling to ourselves...probably not my finest or most professional moment but working with Gok is like working with a naughty school boy. The girls on the show were all so adorable. I got really close to them and found it hard to say goodbye each week as more were eliminated. However, I think it's refreshing to be a part of show that's helping find a woman that embodies all that's good about the sisterhood and spreads a positive message for us ladies. Exciting news is I've just been signed up as the new presenter of 'Ten Years Younger'. To say it has been 'jaw dropping' would be an understatement. I've always loved the show, but to actually get the chance to go behind the scenes and talk to all the people that are radically changing their looks and find out what's behind it all is totally the best bit. I've met so many lovely, kind souls that have been through traumatic experiences and couldn't bring themselves to care about anything, let alone run a brush through their hair, a lady who lived out in the sun and fried herself to a crisp god love her, down to busy mums, rushed off their feet worrying about everyone else but not themselves. Its been a lesson and half. I swear every night, I'm going to remove all my make up, drink a barrel of water and stay out of the sun....I've seen what can happen!!!! In fairness, the producers always have a box of tissues on standby for our guests as they tell their stories or for when they watch back the tape to see how old the public think they are, but it's usually me that ends up using them! I don't even feel like I'm really's more like having a good chat with your girl friends. All that's missing is a cup of tea or a bottle of prosecco! On the subject of presenting, A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that supported me in winning my Cosmo award for 'Best Female Presenter of the Year'. I wish I could literally break off little a bits of it and give them to everyone that has helped me along the way, watched the shows, or voted for me as I know I didn't achieve this alone. After the implosion that was Hear'say, so many people gave me a chance for which I will be eternally grateful if you're one of them, Thank you! If on the other hand, you are the critic that years ago made my mum cry, I would like to send your chip of award made me try hardest of all! Cheers! These months seem to be all about girl power for me....Divas is back under the new moniker, Divas Two! Filming it was like being on a huge Hen night! Feather bowers, cheering women and men waving their shirts in the air! The show once again was held in the name of breast cancer and as a celebration of life. The audience was comprised of people that have suffered and survived and family members of those not so lucky. I brought my friends to see the show and they had a ball. The divas performing rocked that night from the Sugababes (Ava absolutely loved meeting them and danced to 'Here Come The Girls') to Leona Lewis and I can safely say there were no diva demands on the night backstage except from my own little diva who had whole milk, pineapple and spaghetti bolognaise on her very own rider!! Anastacia who is both a fighter and survivor in her own right was amazing on the night and full of personality. Just before I delivered my lines about her song, she whispered in my ear that she'd been "dieing to meet the girl that ran off with her bodyguard like her!". That had us in giggles every time we saw each other! I also got to meet the legend that is Dionne Warwick. What an unbelievable lady. At the end of the show, all the divas stood on stage and held hands as she sang 'That's What Friends Are For' and I swear there wasn't a single person present not sobbing, hugging or moved by the whole experience. Go on the gals!! It must be the month for working with Legends as I also just recorded a show, One Night Only, with the one and only Tom Jones!! I Looooooved it! He is such a gentleman and wow, what a voice! I had to keep sneaking a look over at him as we filmed to make sure I wasn't dreaming the whole experience! Am now counting the hours to the premier of the Marks and Spencers Christmas ad I filmed with the M&S girls and Take That. Christmas really did come early on the shoot as we all got to run about on set throwing snow balls at each other and eat mince pies. Usually, not being the sportiest lass, I'm hopeless with my aim, but every time the director called 'action' we soon had to stop as all my snow balls managed to connect unintentionally with a certain unsuspecting Take That member.....he thankfully saw the funny side, but in true 'boy style' well and truly got me back! Ava (the unofficial 6th girl member) met her mamas favourite boy band and shared a platter of mango with Jason and Gary in between takes. I'm taking lots of photos as I'm sure she'll never believe me when she's older. Hope that the Christmas countdown is a happy one for you all....... Ho Ho Ho have a good one... Big kiss, thanks again and love always, Myleene Klass Signature Leenie xx