10 Years Younger: The Challenge

27 Jan 09

This February 10 Years Younger returns, this time with our very own Myleene Klass - helping to deliver even more stunning transformations; and there's a big new twist. Each programme will be a challenge featuring two people who are old before their time.


One goes under the knife using every cosmetic enhancement trick in the book to roll back the years; while the other goes the surgery-free route – no knife or needles, but using great hair and make-up and clever fashion ideas to create a youthful transformation. So, does surgery always look better than cheaper, more natural, beauty tricks? Who will look the best and who will lose the most years? As always, it's the numbers that count.

The famous Ten Years Younger poll returns and will reveal who the public think has knocked off the most years wins in this age-defying show and there are some very interesting results. In the first show, 50-year-old Mary from Manchester goes down the surgery route while 49-year-old Kathleen from Cleveleys is on a non-surgical mission to roll back the years.

Catch the brand new series Thursday 5th February, 8pm on Channel 4.

To find out more about the show visit the Channel 4 website.