Cannes, Ava, Classical Brits and I'm a Celebrity!

25 May 09

Hello there! Hope you are all happy and well! Wow! As usual so much has happened since I last wrote in! I do check into my site daily, but have been rather naughty for not writing up my blog. Things have been a tad busy you could say...still no excuse though so sorry. I'm in Cannes at the mo with my movie show The Screening Room covering the festival. It has been pretty eventful. I only ever get the chance to go to the movies when it is for work but even I have to admit that sitting in a cinema with 500 other journalists at 7.30 in the morning is quite a surreal way of doing things. I have interviewed so many actors and actresses out here as well as designers (including Roberto Cavalli). I went to visit him on his yacht and I have to say it was exactly as I imagined it would be, leopard print cushions, white leather sofas, strings of pearls hanging or draped everywhere (even in the soap dishes!) and even a leather floored dance floor!!!!! I asked him why people love coming to see him so much on his yacht (Mariah had just left). Was it the famous parties he has on board? The promise of a fab free dress from him? (By the way he loved the M&S dress I was wearing!) or the people he has come to visit? No, he swears it is his homemade spaghetti! I tried it, he is right...and he tells me he even has a gym on board where the models work it off afterwards! Seriously! The Classical Brit Awards were incredible. I brought Ava down to the rehearsals so she could watch the orchestra play (she is mad about the cellos and trumpets) as well as hear the best vocalists in the world. Last year she was old enough to hold her head up and clap but this year, she went for the full on jumping up and down, cheering and applauding when Katherine Jenkins and Jose Carreras performed. Placido Domingo has even invited us to the opera with him which should be an experience never to forget. Sadly she missed Lang Lang and Herbie Hancock as it was naptime! She has also been to theatre this month as we went to see the Tweenies with my godson Joel and his mama! We had the best time, sang the number one song in the Tweenies charts (If you're happy and you know it) at the top of our voices and spilt ice cream all over ourselves! Ava's passport is full of stamps as we've been back and forth to LA. Earlier in the year I had to work at the Oscars but got the chance to take Ava to Disney land with my little sister. Ava dressed up as Cinderella and even lost her shoe down main street (was kindly rescued by a lady) and we rode on the tea cups all day. It was one of the most memorable, emotional and happiest days of my life as it was always my dream to go there when I was little and didn't make it till I was 21. To be able to take her at such a young age and see her enjoy every minute was the best feeling in the world. We went to see Elmo the next day but Ava was less impressed and played with the ketchup bottles instead! The launch of the Baby K collection Spring Summer 09 has gone really well. I've been to the stores, The Baby Show and to Mothercare headquarters and seen that the collection has been doing amazingly. It was lovely to chat to all the mamas at the show and Ava enjoyed herself immensely. The latest news in is that I've been asked to go the Costa Rican Rainforest and host the American version of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!!! I am beside myself with excitement! I can't believe after all this time I get to go back into the jungle as well as host such an incredible programme. I will keep you updated as soon as I get there! Gray has already packed an 'army style' pack for me of mosquito nets and bug spray while I have been deliberating over which hats to bring! Wish me luck.....speak to you very soon Love always, Leenie x