The World's Youngest Daredevils

17 Jan 11

The World's Youngest Daredevils Airs Tuesday 1 February 9.00-10.00pm on Sky Living In this one hour documentary special, Myleene sets off on an incredible journey to discover exceptional children with remarkable talents – the world’s youngest daredevils. In the UK, the daily activities of these children would be considered extreme, unacceptable even. But within their own cultures they receive public acclaim and their exceptional skills are widely celebrated. daredevils1 As a child prodigy herself in music and piano, Myleene has a unique insight into what it's like to sacrifice normal childhood freedoms to excel at something you love. As she journeys from America’s Deep South and Mexico to the heart of Spain, Myleene is charmed and entertained by these charismatic children who show incredible bravery and put their lives at risk on a daily basis. In Tennessee, she meets Robbie 10, Lauren 10, and Kyle 9 – all cagefighters under the tuition of promoter Bunny Hawkersmith. The sport is flourishing at junior level in Tennessee, one of the last states where live cage fighting is permitted, and the youngsters often perform to large crowds as the warm-up act for adult fighters. daredevils When Myleene visits a world-famous bull fighting school in Mexico, where children as young as three are trained in the traditional but controversial sport, she meets 12 year old Michaelito, the ‘baby bullfighter’. The son of a matador, he wows crowds as the only child matador allowed to take on full sized bulls. In Spain, 12 year-old Jorge Elich entered the Guinness Book of Records four years ago as the world’s youngest lion tamer. As Myleene witnesses him perform with his pride of lions in his family’s circus, she discovers not just his talent – but that he is also the family’s primary bread-winner. Although some of these activities are highly controversial in the UK, they are accepted in their home countries where there are different attitudes towards animals and the age at which children should take on responsibility. As Myleene meets these remarkable children, she is inspired by their stories and learns of their love for what they do, the public acclaim they receive and the deep-rooted family traditions they uphold. She also speaks with their parents and learns why they’re willing to accept their children taking these risks and the allure of fame and fortune. And, as she discovers, whether you agree with the risks the children take or not, you can’t help but admire their incredible ingenuity, exceptional bravery and remarkable talent.