Myleene becomes Start-rite brand ambassador

07 Mar 12

From music to media to motherhood, Myleene is already a busy lady. But the much loved celebrity is joining forces with Start-rite to help spread the word about the importance of having children’s feet properly measured, and fitted with quality fitted footwear. Having been brought up wearing Start-rite shoes Myleene was already a fan of the brand. She said “My first pair of shoes were Start-rite shoes and my daughter's first pair of shoes were Start-rite shoes.”


Since having her two daughters Ava (five this year) and Hero (turning one this year), Myleene knows all too well the worries that every parent faces in trying to do the best for their children. She said: “There are so many things parents think and worry about when bringing up their children, what they are eating, if they are warm enough, if they have good manners, but feet always seem to get forgotten. We talk about feet from a fashion perspective but never from a health perspective. These feet are going to carry our children through life so we need to look after them right from the start. By ensuring children wear shoes that properly fit their feet you can help prevent problems in later life.”

To find out more about Start-rite's work with Myleene and her tips on how to look after your children's feet visit the Start-rite YouTube channel

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